Benefits of a Unique 1031 Exchange Solution

Leybridge LLC’s unique 1031 exchange solution combines passive management and direct real estate ownership, which helps us provide a competitive yield and more control than securitized 1031 exchange options.

A seasoned triple-net lease advisor can save you time and money by being your personal representative. We provide the market knowledge and help you decode inflated cap rates, avoid mistakes, negotiate on your behalf, provide financing sources, structure the deal, and more.


  • Your Money Works For You:

    There is nothing wrong with hard work, but sometimes you want your money to work for you, instead of working for your money. Managed passive real estate allows you to accumulate rent checks and keep your stress at a minimum. At the end of the day, you want your money to enable you to live your best life- and there is no better way to do that than to get your money to work for you.

  • More Time for What Matters.

    Your time is incredibly valuable- it is the one resource you can’t replenish. Passively managed real estate allows you to direct your focus and attention elsewhere, whether that be working on other investment opportunities or spending time with your family and friends. There are opportunity costs to every investment, and every minute you save by investing in a managed 1031 solution defers or even eliminates that opportunity cost.

  • Lower Expenses:

    Passive investments typically have lower fees than active investing. Under the Leybridge system all management and expenses are covered. We offer simplified ownership combined with professional management. Landlords bear zero expenses related to vacancy, maintenance, taxes, utilities, and reletting costs and tenant improvements.

additional benefits

  • Capital Presevation:

    The two extremes of investors are aggressive and conservative. The Leybridge system was designed for the latter. More focused on protecting on the downside than participating on the upside. Leybridge targets 5.75 to 6.5% annual cash on cash yield, continuous income even if the property goes vacant, and greater long-term safety and capital preservation when compared with some more active investment classes.

  • Control Over Your Investment:

    Leybridge gives you direct control over the scope and direction of your passive real estate investment. You have the ability to customize your fee structure and determine the right amount of leverage. If you need liquidity, we make things simple with no lockup period so you can access your capital and sell your property when you need it.

    The benefits offered by Leybridge are not just limited to your financial situation- you have the ability to pass those same benefits on to your heirs. When you pass on and leave your property to your beneficiaries, they will be able to enjoy the same hands-off investment benefits offered by passive real estate.

    Your heirs will not have to learn how to manage a property or worry about the ups and downs of the market- they can simply sit back, collect the income, and receive the step up in cost basis.

    When your beneficiaries inherit property, the asset receives a step up in basis to its value on the date of your passing. This will help simplify their taxes, as they may not know your original cost basis. It is also a tax perk that they can use to wipe out your original cost basis and value the property at the fair market value on the date the asset is transferred into their name.

The Bottom Line

Leybridge LLC’s passively managed real estate investments help you conserve and enjoy your most valuable resource, time. You have spent your entire life working- now it might be time to let your money do the same for you.

This ability to make improve your life, while also securing the future for your heirs are just a few of the reasons that Leybridge LLC’s 1031 solution in single tenant net lease retail is the right choice for investors who are looking for predictability, simplicity, and stability in their portfolio.

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Leybridge provided access to high quality real estate investments for 20-years under absolute-net terms and provides property owners with the following:

  • Zero Management
  • Zero Capital Expenditure After Acquisition
  • Direct Title to Property
  • No Partners – Unlike a Securitized Investment
  • Control of Exit Timing
  • Control of Use of Debt
  • Superior Capital Preservation
  • 5.75% – 6.50% Annual Cash-on-Cash Yield on Equity

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